Evolution of the ‘Dome World’ trilogy

This trilogy has been in-the-making for several years with a large gap and a serious update in-between. It all started when, as a mature student with a whole life’s experience behind me and a small child on board and always writing at any opportunity, I finally fulfilled a dream of getting a proper education.

My chosen field was archaeology & after receiving a 1st Class honours and going onwards and upwards to complete a PhD with a specialisation in prehistoric stone tools (mainly Ireland), as a side project for a creative writing outlet (an antidote to the rather academic style of the analysis and written reports), I started creating the Dome World trilogy.

However, the stonework eventually ground to a stagnant trickle due to the economic climate and although, I had a whole fictional world created, this certainly wasn’t going to make the money for the bills. Besides, I would have needed to find a publisher just to begin the process.

As it turns out, it was a very good thing that the story was tucked away into a drawer for some years as, being a researcher at heart and not being able to stop myself trying to understand the amazing and somewhat tragic world around us, (thankfully I had and still do have a very supportive partner), I ended up tumbling down a very deep rabbit hole and this changed some fundamental assumptions that I naively had based the trilogy upon originally.

For instance, I found that the basis of my scientific reasoning was way off due to fundamental assumptions embedded within our current standard models of cosmology and evolution.  This came as an incredible shock to my system – but, it is never-the-less what my deep research revealed. Several non-fiction books later on my discoveries now meant that I could return to the fictional story and put it to rights.

So, eventually, I reemerged from the rabbit hole and was able to re-write, finish and ultimately publish a much more scientifically credible story. You see, all of the foundational issues with our current scientific orthodoxy would not have been such a problem (it is, after all, a work of imaginative “science” fiction), however, it did matter in this particular story, as it is not set in some far off futuristic galaxy with imagined creatures and alien and exotic technology; but right here on Earth. As it happens: exploring a near futuristic realm within the limitations of earthbound world enclosed by a gargantuan dome turns out to be rather bizarre, if not downright intriguing.

I hope you enjoy the adventures within the trilogy at least half as much as I did writing and researching it.



P.S. If you have any questions about how the creation of this earthly world and the research behind it – drop me a line and I’ll reply in person and I may publish the answer to your question in the form of a blog post if I feel it might interest other readers. See contact form below and fill your question in the ‘comment’ section:

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