The ‘Earth is Flat’ or, at least it is in Michael McNamara’s Future World

Video/synopsis of the Dome World Trilogy


Watch the short playlist above to see behind the scenes of the Dome World story. Below is the synopsis of Book One ‘SkyDome: Cosmic Conspiracy’ and sample chapters to follow after launch date April Fool’s Day 2017 of the first in the trilogy. Available to pre-order now on Amazon to begin with by searching for the title in books on your favourite online store or click on the image below for direct link to Book One:


This is the first book of a trilogy ‘Dome World’. Welcome to Michael Mc Namara’s future world right here in the very bowels of the Earth. Michael is a somewhat naive young geneticist, who by no fault of his own (more a fall-out of his chosen field of science, you could say: an occupational hazard in such tumultuous times),  finds himself falling headlong into the most extraordinarily steep rabbit hole of cosmic proportions. ‘Selected for Survival’ Michael did not feel himself particularly lucky as he tries desperately to come to terms with the strange alien subterranean world of the elite that surrounds him.

In this futuristic Earth World, nothing, and no one, comes in or out of the celestial plasma shield (the sky dome). It is a world where Inter-Terrestrials (ITs) are as old as the hills and Extra-Dimensionals (EDs) know of no such physical barriers to their earthly influences. This is a time and place when the primitive understanding of the Cosmos; the old Newtonian/Einsteinian theories are virtually obsolete – except in the minds of most of the human Surfers left stranded and abandoned above ground to meet with their unsuspecting, imminent and dreadful demise.

Or, at least that is what Michael and other Subbers (subterraneans) of his rank were told during the mass evacuation preparations, until he learns, via the highly advanced holographic/interactive technological adventures with his self-appointed pod buddy Henric – a much savvier, Bohemian and most definitely human type, just how deep and murky the rabbit hole actually gets.

In the end, Michael innocently uncovers (aided a little by Henric) the Mother of All Conspiracies– ever! This means that the true fate of the Surfers takes on a whole new meaning and he finally discovers – to his horror, the true agenda and plan for those who survived above ground. This revelation is quickly followed by being promptly scooped up by a droid swat-team for reconditioning.


Author: Dig-Press

Author and Independent Publisher. Main research interests: Research: alternative science, going beyond Darwinism and other conventional standard models that do not explain our world. Interested in fiction as well - humorous science fiction - see main website And publications on topics by dig-press (indie-imprint) Self Publishing Indie Author books: 'How This Book Was Made & How you can make your own' See Facebook: 'Creative Self Publishing Ireland' and independent publishing advice at

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