‘DOME WORLD’ Sci-Fi Trilogy

This is the post excerpt.


Welcome to Michael McNamara’s World: Welcome to Our Future…


Book One ‘SkyDome: Cosmic Conspiracy’ of the ‘Dome World’ trilogy is due for release April Fool’s Day 2017

(pre-orders available & more info at Amazon)


Books two and three: ‘Bio-Dome: Genetically Modified Human‘ and ‘StarDome: Great Escape‘ will follow shortly.





Author: Dig-Press

Author and Independent Publisher. Main research interests: Research: alternative science, going beyond Darwinism and other conventional standard models that do not explain our world. Interested in fiction as well - humorous science fiction - see main website http://www.diggingupthefuture.com And publications on topics by dig-press (indie-imprint) http://www.dig-press.com Self Publishing Indie Author books: 'How This Book Was Made & How you can make your own' See Facebook: 'Creative Self Publishing Ireland' and independent publishing advice at http://www.unrulypen.wordpress.com

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